DIMONT’s White Glove Service Reflected in On-boarding Process

In our 20th year of service in the residential mortgage hazard insurance industry, we are excited to have fine-tuned the on-boarding service that lends itself to what we at DIMONT call White Glove Service.

With the on-boarding of six new clients within 2016, we have had the opportunity to provide a smooth transition from contract agreement to the receipt of the first file for processing.  To begin, a personal on-boarding specialist is assigned to each client to navigate the implementation logistics.

Clients are connected with each department within DIMONT, in order to streamline difficult processes such as technology and system connections.  In addition to this, the on-boarding specialist and aids in navigating the integration with each Client’s other vendors.

When the technology and compliance requirements allow, the team is able to directly connect to other vendors with proprietary connections that aid the assigned CAT team in productivity and provide the capability for finding the highest returns. In-depth testing is performed around all technology and sites utilized in the claims process to ensure security and connectivity requirements are met.

If a roadblock arises, the on-boarding specialist coordinates trouble-shooting conference calls to find a quick solution, communicates with all team members and any additional resources necessary, and continues progress toward the release of files to DIMONT.

Once everything is in place, a conference call to confirm proper access is granted and future reporting and communication needs are arranged.  After the call is completed, the Client is able to begin its contracted scope of work and reap the benefits of its new relationship with DIMONT.

Written by Rebecca Lopez, on-boarding specialist at DIMONT

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