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Founded in 1996, Dallas-based DIMONT is a leading provider of insurance claims management and adjustment services for mortgage and auto lenders, servicers and investors in the United States. Since 2010, DIMONT has recovered over $2 billion in insurance claims proceeds for its clients.

DIMONT assists loan servicers and investors mitigate losses on collateral through a suite of value added technology-enabled services, including flood insurance valuations, borrower insurance claims management, and FHA/GSE/MI/VA/USDA claims processing.

DIMONT provides outstanding service with flexible terms and delivery models to mortgage and auto loan investors and servicers. Every client is our VIP.

Our Way

Our Way depicts the established values of DIMONT.  The value for each icon, from top left to top right, is outlined below.  

  1. We care about our people, encourage their development, and reward their performance
  2. We communicate clearly, candidly, promptly and respectfully
  3. We show our integrity by keeping our commitments, trusting one another, and taking responsibility
  4. We listen closely, find solutions, and act swiftly
  5. We deliver quality, drive productivity, and create growth
About Us: Our Team +
Denis Brosnan
President and CEO
Gary Barrett
Executive Vice President and CFO
Tom Stover
Senior Vice President, Solutions Development
Fran Weichsel
Senior Vice President, Client Services
Collin Harbour
Vice President, Business Development
Stacie Rankey
Vice President, Client Development and Communications
Valerie Elkins
Vice President, Business Innovation
Scott Arnold
Vice President, Finance
Connie Baringer
Director, Support Services
Rick Lewellen
Director, National Sales
Barry Owens
Director, Sales
Cheryl Johnson
Director, Claims Support
Judi Ray
Director, Hazard Claims
Mark Lehner
Director, Client Development
Dwight Kline
Client Development Manager
Jason Gembler
Senior Operations Manager
Ted Schroeder
Operations Manager
Mark Siratt
Operations Manager
Perry Canet
Operations Manager
Melissa Lingenfelter
Auto Claims Manager
Robert Barbaro
FHA Manager
Christine Myck
Operations Manager
Pamela Dean
Operations Manager