Second Look Hazard
Claims Program

Mortgage loan investors and servicers rely upon DIMONT’s expertise in collateral valuation and insurance recoveries. With our Second Look program, we can review your portfolio to see if you are owed any additional funds.

Second Look
Program Criteria

DIMONT’s Second Look hazard claims program provides expertise and oversight on servicers who process their own claims or for a review of a servicer’s vendor:

  • Perform a details second look on all claims where no recovery was received
  • Review all high-dollar claims such as fire or total loss and determine if all settlement funds have been accounted for and received
  • Perform a review of all vacant and foreclosed properties to identify any potential claimable damage
  • Review any denied claims and determine eligibility for rebuttal resubmission

Second Look
Program Benefits

Some benefits of this program include:

  • Additional funds to cover losses
  • Compliance adherence
  • Redundancy to manage to resources and volume fluctuations
  • Access to expert licensed Adjusters
  • QC/QA Process for identification of damages and claims processing payments