Our Way at DIMONT

You obtain a job to become financially stable; to provide a foundation to support yourself and your family in order to live a pleasant, worthwhile life. That’s what most jobs meant to me, and that’s what I assumed DIMONT would be when I was hired. I thought it would simply be a means to reach basic stability. But I was wrong, in a good way.

DIMONT provided me something more than just a foundation. It transcended the commonality of what a job could be. DIMONT wasn’t just a job; it was a chance to be a part of an evolving community. One of the company’s Our Way values perfectly explains what sets them above the rest: “We care about our people, encourage their development, and reward their performance.” Three things that ring true for me every day here.

DIMONT is a place where I feel rewarded for my hard work and determination. Even through difficult situations and regretful mistakes, I still receive encouragement from my supervisors and peers to find success; something we always seem to find together, side by side. What shines the most however, is how much DIMONT cares. My success and development are both important to this company; an uncommon attribute in the sprawling job market full of money-first companies. Here at DIMONT I feel as if I matter, and they make sure I know that.

To be a member of such a growing business that actually cares about my success and aspirations showed me a truer meaning of what a job could be: a strong future.

Written by Nicholas Holley – Valuation Specialist at DIMONT


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