DIMONT Debuts New White Glove Onboarding Process

– Company’s use of data analytics, internal team structures further assist clients with their specific needs –

DALLAS, June 21, 2016 – DIMONT, the largest provider of specialty insurance and collateral loss mitigation solutions to the residential and commercial financial services industries, announced that it now offers more comprehensive “high touch” onboarding processes to clients, which include the use of proprietary data analytics as well as new, client-centric operations teams.

The detailed, nine step onboarding process that DIMONT has developed begins with data analysis to help investor and servicer clients better measure the risks and rewards of investing in loans with commercial and residential real estate properties as collateral. With data gathered from over 20 years of hazard insurance claims processing, DIMONT is capable of predictive analysis of potential claims recoveries on loan portfolios, as well as insight into enhanced portfolio valuation strategies and potential diligence tools. Clients investing in real estate mortgage portfolios – particularly nonperforming loans – are subsequently provided a clear assessment of risk versus profit.
Prior to onboarding, clients are provided a business development specialist, who is available and on-call should there be any additional needs, all necessary documentation, the process outline tailored to their needs, and a list of information they will be expected to provide.

After onboarding is complete, clients are assigned to a Client Action Team (CAT), of which DIMONT currently has six, including one that is dedicated specifically to flood valuations. These teams are partnered with the onboarding process and structured to provide a seamless, beginning to end claims process for each client. Client Relations Managers (CRMs) and CAT managers work together to maintain and develop better relationships with their team’s clients, as well as a more streamlined process for filing claims and obtaining maximum recoveries.

“Our unique onboarding process and CAT teams, paired with our data analysis capabilities all contribute to our ability to better align to each client’s unique needs and deliver them the most lucrative results,” said Denis Brosnan, president and chief executive officer of DIMONT. “We have worked hard to perfect a way for servicers and investors to make better investment decisions and boost profitability, and we are looking forward to sharing these processes with new clients every day.”

Founded in 1996, Dallas-based DIMONT provides outstanding service through specialty insurance and loan administration solutions to the residential and commercial financial industries in the United States. Additional information is available at www.dimont.com.


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