Proprietary Claims Processing System Enhanced for Auto Claims

In a recent press release, DIMONT announced an enhancement to its proprietary system, Eldorado, in order to process claims on repossessed autos.  We want to share with you, some of the reasons it has been well received by auto servicers.

The Auto enhancement in Eldorado has been tailored to process claims effectively with an automotive industry vision as DIMONT makes a footprint in the sector.  Similar to Eldorado, users will still access Files, Tasks, and Notes, just as the client account teams (CAT) for hazard insurance claims processing do today.

Dedicated CATs are assigned to auto servicers in order to streamline the filing process within the system.  This provides reporting capabilities and transparent communication between DIMONT and the auto servicer, resulting in a vendor partnership.

Our goal with this enhancement is to communicate with auto lenders around repossessed auto claims that they may not be filing to date, or if they are, may not be recovering the maximum amount on each asset.

With quick access to certain pieces of information, the CAT will be able to more effectively identify information needed to make decisions and communicate more efficiently with business partners, improving handling time and available recovery per claim.

These processes, centered on the expertise that has led DIMONT to the top of the hazard claims industry, are only the beginning of the repossessed auto claims business line that has been established in DIMONT’s 20th year of business. In the coming year, expect to see an even more sophisticated process, still tailored to our clients’ reporting and compliance needs.

At DIMONT, every client is our VIP.  We look forward to tailoring our auto enhanced, proprietary technology to your repossessed auto claims needs.

Written by Melissa Lingenfelter, AINS, claims associate at DIMONT

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