DIMONT Successfully Wraps Up 2016 Used Car Week Conference

With the end of 2016 nearing, DIMONT has been busy traveling across the United States for the conference circuits in both the Mortgage and Auto Finance industries.  Over the last two months, we have been a part of two of the largest Auto Finance conferences and wrapped up the final conference of the season this week.

Used Car Week consisted of 4 smaller conferences and aimed to “illuminate what strategies are working, what changes are on the horizon and how businesses will be impacted in the years to come” for auto finance professionals. Used Car Week Conferences addressed issues impacting:

  • Franchise and Independent used-car dealers and dealerships
  • Auto finance companies and the dynamic subprime sector
  • Repossession and recovery industries leveraging technological advancements
  • Remarketers and wholesalers on the leading edge of their industries

After hearing from keynote speakers Terry Bradshaw and Jim Lovell, the DIMONT team was inspired to create new industry partnerships, discuss the benefits we provide to auto servicers, and attend the informative sessions that each mini-conference offered.

Prior to the conference, DIMONT utilized the conference networking platform, pathable, to schedule meetings with some of our prospects and potential industry partners, as well as promote our exhibit space that had a lounge-style feel for those passing by who needed to take a break and “lounge with DIMONT”.

During the conference, we discussed our auto claims processing business line, for which we leverage our experience in hazard claims to provide auto servicers recovered losses on repossessed, damaged vehicles that are often absorbed as the cost of doing business in the auto industry.  Our technological processes and claims acumen positions us to become a knowledgeable vendor and advisor to auto servicers looking to recover funds on their repossessed assets.

After a successful week of ‘lounging’, networking, and education, we are excited to provide our auto claims service to auto servicers who are interested in recovering their losses on repossessed, damaged assets.  If you would like to learn more about DIMONT or our auto claims processing, contact us today!

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