Outstanding Service Starts in Human Resources


By Connie Baringer, Sr. Talent Acquisition Manager

Servicers are constantly under pressure to select the highest quality insurance service providers. But how can you tell which companies surpass the others in their level of service? With more sophisticated candidates than in years past, it is important to ensure that the insurance service provider you choose has a quality Human Resources (HR) team to hire the best adjusters. Those employees will be your closest allies in processing insurance claims.

Accurate Representation
While quality candidates tend to take the lead in interviews, HR needs to be prepared with talking points that give the candidate an accurate representation of the company. It is the responsibility of HR to provide the applicant with background information regarding company culture and core values. Honesty is key; this helps to immediately identify people who believe in the same principles as current employees. At DIMONT, we are explicit in identifying what makes our company unique, as well as showcasing consistency, in that everyone from the CEO to the administrative assistant demonstrates and respects the corporate values.

In addition, candidates tend to ask more questions than in years past, which is a good thing. However, the HR team should always be honest in speaking to a candidate about the good, and bad, aspects of the job. This increases the chances of hiring long term employees, which in turn increases the chances that clients work with someone who has established internal and industry experience.

Internal Development
While service providers should always hire the most experienced adjusters, it is also important to look at candidate’s character traits. Skills will continue to be developed internally, but character is something that cannot be taught. Internal development should be reinforced with regular training and continuous education programs to ensure that all employees are up to date on company procedures and best practices.

If a provider develops talent internally and aids in employee growth, it is much easier for them to promote from within. Not only does this help with company morale, but it also helps with retention and average years of experience at the company. Servicers want to be working with partners who have been at the company for more than one or two years. If this is the case for all employees, the provider functions as a well-oiled machine.

Positive Branding
Looking to the future, it is clear that the quality of employees hired by HR is one of the most important measures of performance. It is also directly correlated to retaining employees and promoting from within.

Your provider should also be focused on the future branding message of their company. How do they showcase the internal growth opportunities and benefits for future employees? How do they mitigate possible concerns that often come with inevitable restructuring? Your provider’s brand should be built around an excellent staff and the delivery of outstanding service.

By choosing to work with a service provider that promotes accurate representation of their company, internal development and positive branding techniques, you can feel secure in the quality of the people with whom you are partnering.

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