DIMONT developed and launched Name That Claim as an interactive, fun, and innovative new way to test your skills on claimable damage. With this new trivia game, Name That Claim, players can determine claimable damage and estimate the corresponding recoverable damage for various types of peril.

Not only is this a fun way to learn about hazard insurance claims, a subject that, until now, hasn’t been all that glamourous, but it is also a way to educate vendor managers and their teams about the claims process.

With the help of Network Asset Services, who provided inspection photos for use in the game, DIMONT has utilized its proprietary system, Eldorado, to help shed some light on what different perils look like, as well as how much a hazard claims expert can recover from that damage.

In a recent case study, DIMONT found that a sample of claims vendors closed an average of 6,300 files without filing a claim; however, DIMONT determined that 5.3% of the closed files did in fact contain claimable damage. After filing over 350 claims, DIMONT was able to recover $572,058 in settled claims.

The goal of NAME THAT CLAIM is to provide education on what is not and what may be claimable, to assist loan servicers and their team’s understanding of the process and allow them to question their claims vendors if they see a peril that could in fact be claimable damage.

DIMONT is excited to release this trivia game and provide a learning tool for the industry. If you are interested in reaching out to us regarding claims that may contain claimable damage, or to schedule DIMONT to speak to your vendor management and claims teams, contact us today at [email protected] or call 972.428.6900.

We hope you enjoy playing Name That Claim!

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