Loss Drafts

DIMONT’s Loss Drafts service is an integrated, automated workflow solution combining technology with our industry knowledge of insurance claims, inspection reviews and repair processes providing homeowners and lenders visibility into the process

Flexible Workflow Design

Enables borrowers, mortgage institutions and DIMONT claims personnel to upload claims-related documentation and to share case status information electronically

Enhanced Borrower Satisfaction

Allows servicers to maintain direct borrower contact through existing call centers and provides ongoing homeowner education throughout the guided process

Secure & Trackable

Provides a customized task list through process completion with status alerts and emailed updates along the way offering a best in-class solution to servicers and homeowners

Peace of Mind

Having access and control to real-time loss draft information provides an efficent collateral protection solution to the mortgage industry

Meaningful Results

Quicker loss draft resolution using collaborative portal

Meaningful homeowner/servicer interactions and improved communication

Increased visibility and oversight management

Intuitive process due to DIMONT's risk model


White Paper:

Loss Draft Management: A Better Way

Lenders and their customers don’t have to struggle with the loss draft process—the management of funds from borrower filed hazard insurance claims—which is viewed today as frustrating and expensive due to inefficient communications, inflexible business rules, and an outdated, paper-intensive environment.

DIMONT’s solution fixes these inefficiencies by streamlining communications through a common technology platform, which allows our insurance claims experts to manage the process, all while maintaining direct servicer-to-customer relationships that are configurable to the unique portfolio management or customer service strategies of the bank or third-party servicer.