FHA & Investor
Claims Management

Mortgage loan investors and servicers rely upon DIMONT’s expertise in collateral valuation and insurance recoveries for scalable, compliant solutions that reduce the risk of losses in the collateral liquidation process. We engage with you to analyze, design and execute specialty outsourced solutions that minimize corporate advances; increase government, MI and GSE reimbursements; reduce post-default resolution operating expenses.

Investor & Agency Claims Management

Our government, MI and investor claims management service helps mortgage loan servicers reduce the risk of incomplete reimbursements, while minimizing exposure to expensive, frustrating claims-related processes.

We help mortgage servicers with a variety of loan loss guaranty claims, including:

  • FHA Part A, Part B, Supplemental and HECM Reverse Claims
  • HUD SFLS Claims (Single Family Loan Sale Program)
  • FHA Loss Mitigation claims
  • Mortgage Insurance Claims
  • USDA
  • VA
  • Private Investor Claims

Component Loan Administration Services

Our collateral valuation and technology-enabled processing expertise allows us to provide independent reviews of client processes to develop solutions that enhance effectiveness in collateral loss avoidance while reducing operational costs.

Some examples of our work with investor and servicing clients includes:

  • Borrower-filed Claim Monitoring & Loss Draft Management
  • Loss Analysis and Reconciliation
  • Investor Notification Letters and Expense Reimbursement Processing
  • GSE Guideline Compliance Reviews and Reporting

NEW: Comprehensive technology-enabled investor claims solution...

With our expert claims staff and robust technology, clients will benefit from leading-edge technology to manage their portfolio of claims within one solution, thus ensuring maximum recoveries, reduced losses, and mitigation of risk and re-conveyance exposure. 

Loss Analysis: Finding Causes of FHA Claim Recovery Shortfalls

Servicers face immense risk when it comes to handling the liquidation of a distressed property and the various associated investor claims effectively and in a timely fashion. Not only are there several different types of claims, but investors/insurers have strict requirements associated with each of the different claim types, exponentially adding to the complexity of the filing process.

This is why engaging in a Loss Analysis program, whether internally or with an outside vendor, is important and allows for a final review of your investor claims to ensure all expenses are included and also mitigate potential hefty fines.

Hazards Insurance Claims

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