Loss Mitigation

What if a Servicer could simply refer a foreclosed loan to a single vendor and receive back a compliantly conveyed property well within the deadline?

The CLM Difference

What is CLM?

DIMONT’s Collateral Loss Mitigation (CLM) Service is an end-to-end conveyance management platform that significantly cuts the time to conveyance, thereby reducing the total cost of conveyance on average by at least $500 per foreclosed loan.

DIMONT’s complete suite of CLM services handles all aspects of the hazard insurance and FHA claim recovery processes in parallel, thereby achieving conveyance faster, cheaper, and more securely than any alternative available to Servicers.

How it Works

The purpose of CLM is to reduce the complex, multi-step conveyance process to a single step of referring the property to DIMONT. DIMONT prioritizes and performs all necessary tasks collaboratively to bring any foreclosed loan to conveyance faster and cheaper than the multi-vendor process that currently exists, including:

Review to make sure that all damages have been included in the repair bids and that all required repairs are completed allowing the conveyance to proceed timely
Conduct Quality Check on 100% of inspection reports to ensure properties have been correctly identified in conveyance condition eliminating unnecessary work resulting in time and cost savings
Notify the client and preservation vendor immediately upon receipt of the insurance settlement information to enable prompt repairs
Use enhanced reporting to work with vendors in prioritizing and coordinating effort to resolve title and repair issues to allow for a timely and cost effective conveyance
Conduct portfolio analysis to provide recommendations on conveyance options

DIMONT’s intense focus on quality assurance enables clients to win maximum reimbursement allowed, while avoiding penalties and eliminating risk of re-conveyance.

The CLM Difference

DIMONT’s Collateral Loss Mitigation (CLM) Service is a game changer for Servicers.

DIMONT’s CLM service, enables Servicers to focus on their core business of managing performing loans. All servicers would have to do is simply refer foreclosed loans to DIMONT.

Working with a single vendor such as DIMONT confers the following benefits to the Servicer:

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