Auto Claims

DIMONT’s insurance claims and related solutions deliver significant recoveries to auto lenders while dramatically reducing their default-related losses.

DIMONT’S Groundbreaking Insurance Monitoring Service

Our data-driven Insurance Monitoring service provides a cost-effective, streamlined insurance tracking and an automated monitoring process for auto lenders. We use technology to consolidate insurance information on the collateral within the lender’s portfolio, confirming collateral protection in the event of a repossession claim. We can also provide custom data feeds of insurance-related information to lenders.

DIMONT Recovery Solutions

Mitigating losses and increasing recoveries is paramount to DIMONT’s core business. Our solutions provide the expertise and integrated technology to deliver success to our clients:

  • Repo claims processing
  • Total Loss Claims
  • Enhanced Insurance Monitoring
  • Insurance Verification

DIMONT Delivers:

  • Best-in-class, customized service – a true partnership with each client
  • Licensed claims adjusters with in-depth knowledge and experience in auto insurance recoveries
  • A proprietary claims management system offering automated data feeds and customized reporting throughout the claims process
  • Higher overall recoveries and a competitive, contingency-based fee structure

White Paper

Collateral Loss Avoidance Strategy for Auto Lenders

For consumer lenders, effective loss management is a critical success factor for their long-term business survival. As a result, lenders spend a significant amount of time and effort forecasting their loss projections on auto loan originations and other asset classes.

Our white paper covers: 

  • The foundations of a strong collateral loss avoidance strategy
  • The impact of having quality insurance information on the vehicle
  • Modern Data framework for Collateral Loss Avoidance, and 
  • Advanced Use Cases

Download the white paper to find out more

Auto Insurance Monitoring and Loss Mitigation Strategies

One in eight licensed drivers is uninsured. And the number of uninsured drivers among subprime auto borrowers is even larger. Our numbers show that 35-40% of subprime auto loan borrowers are uninsured, while the uninsured rate is 10-15% for prime portfolios. 

However, the story is more complex than the numbers reveal. Lenders must consider the loan-to-value amounts of their portfolio, the margins earned on loans, and how their profits can be compromised by claims as a result of this issue.  

This webinar examines the credit risks posed by uninsured drivers and provides strategies for mitigating the risks faced by auto lenders. 

Auto Loss Mitigation Survey

In 2019, Marguerite Watanabe, President of Connections Insights, conducted a qualitative survey on behalf of DIMONT to explore current trends in the loss mitigation, servicing and insurance areas among banks, captives and non-prime auto financing companies.