Denis Brosnan
President and CEO
Gary Barrett
Executive Vice President and CFO/COO
Tom Stover
Chief Solutions Officer
Fran Weichsel
Senior Vice President, Client Services
Scott Arnold
Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration
Stacie Rankey
Vice President, Client Development and Communications
Valerie Elkins
Vice President, Business Innovation
Mark Lehner
Assistant Vice President, Client Development
Connie Baringer
Director, Support Services
Rick Lewellen
Director, National Sales
Cheryl Johnson
Director, Claims Support
Lynette Richter
Director, Investor Claims
Suzi Straffon
Director, Engagement Marketing
Dwight Kline
Client Development Director
Holly Baya
Client Development Director
Anthony Di Staulo
Client Development Director
Taylor Thurman
Client Development Director
Steve Garcia
Director, Auto Claims
Perry Canet
Director, Specialty Insurance Services
Jason Gembler
Senior Operations Manager
Ted Schroeder
Operations Manager
Mark Siratt
Operations Manager
Christine Myck
Operations Manager
Sally Geisler
Operations Manager